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ForSale03.jpgWhen it’s time to sell, you must be confident that every element of negotiating the best terms and the highest price has been set before your home is even listed.

Start with the resources We’ve provided. There is no charge for this information. These will help get you started in terms of assessing your real estate situation and planning for a stress-free and successful sale.

The real estate market in Pittsburgh is volatile, especially lately, and it takes an experienced professional to move your house quickly, professionally, and profitably.

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Selling your home is a complicated process that can be stressful to say the least!  You need agents you can rely on to guide you every step of the way from correct pricing to home staging to effective marketing and expert negotiation.

Since you are on the internet researching right now, you may already realize that almost 90% of home buyers start their search on the web.  You need agents who really know how to get your home listing seen on more websites!   The days of simply placing a listing on the MLS are over.  If that is all an agent knows how to do, they are not the right agent for you!

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Common Selling Mistakes
Learn the top nine selling mistakes, and what steps you can take to avoid them.
Selling Your Home
Remember what first attracted you to your house when you bought it? What excited you about its most appealing features? Now that you're selling your home, you'll need to look at it as if you were buying it all over again.
Surviving the Sale
Getting a good price for your home is important, but minimizing stress and simplifying the selling process can be just as essential.
The Right Selling Price
When you’re selling your home, the price you set is a critical factor in the return you’ll receive. Learn several factors to base the assessment of your home.
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Curb Appeal Helps Pittsburgh Real Estate SELL!

Creating Curb Appeal


When selling a home the first impression is critical. Many home buyers eliminate homes quickly if the initial visual impression is not impressive. For this reason, it is important to enhance the curb appeal of your home prior to listing it for sale. Keep in mind that potential buyers will see your home differently than you do. If it has an unappealing or unorganized visage, that will reflect poorly on the rest of the home. It really does not matter how beautiful and warm the interior of the home is, if the outside is not enough to draw the buyers in for a closer look. So how to go about improving the curb appeal of your home?

To start, take a quick walk down the street and have a good look at the exterior of your home. What catches your eye? Try to put yourself in the place of a prospective buyer seeing your home for the first time. This is a great chance to pick out any negative aspects of your property and correct them. Make a quick list of the things that stand out, positive and negative and prioritize the necessary improvements.

In thinking about curb appeal, why not start at the curb itself? How does the driveway look? If it is weathered and gray, it might be a good idea to re-pave with an asphalt sealer. This gives the front of the home a new and attractive entrance. Remember, this is likely the first thing that prospective buyers will see so its important to make your entranceway as attractive as possible. When revamping the facade of the yard remember to trim up all the edges on the lawn and the shrubbery. This creates a great impression of care and attention and will impress buyers. An attractive yard alone can turn a casual shopper into an interested buyer.

Gardens and planting areas can be one of the most attractive features of a home and should not be overlooked. It is not difficult to create beautiful gardens with just a little bit of time and expense. Mulch is an attractive way to spruce up any garden. Not only does it help to control weeds, making it easier to maintain, but it creates a desirable contrast when using a combination of light and dark mulches. Take note that color can be an inviting element to your homes facade so try to coordinate the colors appropriately.

Now that your yard is in order, let's consider the home itself. A new coat of paint will always give a home a greater appeal. You may wish to tailor the colors of your home to your own ideals, but remember that not everyone has the same taste, and what you think is "individual," others may see as undesirable. When selling a home it is good to make your home stand out, but still remain within the essence and theme of the neighborhood. This is a fantastic opportunity to take care of any little cosmetic issues that are outstanding. Get rid of any mold or discoloration around the eaves and doorways, don't simply paint over these imperfections. Take some time and correct anything that you might find. A good inspector will pick up on "cosmetic cures" and it is well worth the time and effort to correct these minor problems, you will reap the rewards at closing.

One thing that always brings great value to a home sale is a new roof. If your roof is relatively new, clean it up and clear the gutters. A new roof with a warranty is one of the strongest selling tools a person has when marketing their home. The longer the warranty, the better. Another great visual element of your home is the fences that separate your yard from neighboring lots. If the fences are run down and rickety it will reflect poorly on your home. The nice thing about fixing the fence is that it is not a cost that you must bear alone. This will also improve the appeal of the neighboring yard so the cost can be shared.

With all of these elements considered, your yard and home should be in pretty good shape. Now is the perfect time to have the listing photos taken. Remember, you deserve to get the most out of the sale of your home, don't sell yourself short. A little effort into the curb appeal will do wonders for both the asking price and your bargaining position.


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WOW - Every Seller and Buyer should Read This!

With over one MILLION Realtors working in the U.S., you probably have at least a couple dozen in your own community to choose from. Which of them will serve you best?

Consider these three major areas:

• Enthusiasm
• Marketing
• Communication

I know, other people will tell you to look at experience and number of transactions closed. Yes, maybe. But a new agent can often do a stellar job when he or she is not only excited about your home, but focused on selling it above all else - rather than being scattered and pulled in 17 directions by other listings.

If you do decide to go for experience, be sure to learn how much of that experience has been in homes in your price range. Some agents will take every possible listing, but only work at selling the high ticket homes. Shy away from them! They are just hoping that some other agent will sell the lower priced listings and they'll get half the commission.

Some people recommend working with a real estate team. I don't. But that is my personal bias. To me, working with a team to sell a house is the same as trying to work with large corporations where no one ever knows what anyone else is doing. For me, working with one agent who knows every detail of the activity on my listing (and sale) is worth far more than the presumed efficiency of a team.

You may feel differently.

Meanwhile, here's why I believe enthusiasm, marketing, and communication are the keys to success.

Enthusiasm: When an agent is truly enthused and excited about your home, it will shine through in all the marketing materials and in every conversation he or she has with customers and other agents. People listening will know they MUST see this house!

If, on the other hand, an agent comes through your house and begins pointing out its many faults, just say "next." This can be a tactic to push you into a lower price so the house will sell faster. It can also mean the agent just doesn't like your house. Either way, you don't need that agent.

*Note: Being enthused doesn't mean being blind. Your agent may love the layout, the view, the location, and many other things, but still give you recommendations for repairs before the house goes on the market. These are recommendations designed to show the house in its best light, so listen!

Marketing: A strong web presence is a must, and there is no excuse for being weak in this area. A good job means taking plenty of photos and writing descriptions that go far beyond the old basic "Three bedroom, two bath, deck" variety.

Your presence on the web should be in the form of a home tour that offers enticing details. Details that make prospective buyers drool at the thought of living in your home.

The MLS listing should include as much of that as allowed, and the flyers your agent hands out should radiate enthusiasm for the many special benefits your home offers. The flyer in the box out front should offer a glimpse of what buyers will find when they get inside… NOT merely show them a picture of the house they see in front of them and tell them something they can see from where they're standing.

When you're considering agents, ask to see their marketing materials for other homes. Then you will know if the materials they produce offer excitement and enticement - or are bland and boring fact sheets.

Ask where the agent advertises, and then ask why.

In some communities, newspaper ads work. In others they don't. Your agent knows which advertising mediums actually bring in customers, so don't be upset if he or she doesn't use a newspaper you read or a magazine you recommend. Agents have learned through trial and error - and countless wasted dollars.

In some communities open houses are a good tool. In others they are a total waste of time. Your agent knows, so don't insist on an open house just because your brother-in-law in some other town thinks you should have one.

Communication:You should be able to count on your agent to let you know all the news, both good and bad. A phone call after each showing is not too much to expect, nor is a monthly report outlining showings, ads placed, feedback, etc.

When you call, you should be able to count on a return call within a few hours. Remember that you are not the only client, and if your agent is out showing or attending a closing, he can't return your call until he's finished.

You shouldn't expect to be able to contact your agent 24 hours a day, but you should be able to count on a call back during the evening or on week-ends. Just don't demand immediate attention. Sometimes your agent will be out on a showing or a listing, and sometimes he or she will be spending time with friends and family. Even real estate agents have lives outside of work. If you leave a message in the evening, tell your agent how late they can return the call.

Possibly the most important deciding factor of all is one I didn't mention above. That is your feelings. Trust your gut to tell you if the agent you just met is "for real" and is a person whose company you can enjoy and whose advice you can trust. If you feel uneasy going in, it will only get worse.

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter and former real estate broker who specializes in writing for real estate and related industries.

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